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Somatic Release Journey

60 minute in person session currently available in Glastonbury UK and Tulum Mexico

This gentle treatment offers physical release from stress and tension stored in the body using the ACB technique, which involves gently touching 32 points on your head. The process helps to remove mental blocks and negative thoughts that may be holding you back, leaving you with clarity and space to access your true self. Expect to experience a deep state of relaxation at the end of the session.

Reiki Treatment

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The Aurora Academy


body scan

A bioenergetic body scan performed remotely with an in-depth personalised wellness package 

aurora borealis

bioenergetic field rebalance

A bioenergetic body treatment to rebalance your energy fields and dispel psychic oppression.

daily frequeny therapies

Personalised monthly  subscriptions to support you with daily healing frequencies.

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