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frequently asked questions

Q: Can I receive more healing daily?

A: YES! of course, this is why we designed the on-demand feature for you. For example, every night you can request a therapy to help with sleep, all you have to do is send a request email and the therapy will be actioned within a few minutes. Depending on your subscription, you can run up to 8 on demand therapies per day.


Q: I have special requests for my condition, can I have a custom plan?

A: YES! we can make a custom plan based on your body’s needs and create a custom therapy for you to run on demand. Get started by booking a Quantum Body Scan.


Q: is there a limit to the number of on demand requests I can make every day?

A: Yes, there is a limit of eight on demand therapies available to you. If you wish to go deeper and receive therapy 24/7 you can sign up to our Quantum Wellness Plan and have a dedicated system delivering your custom therapies 24/7, without the need to send on-demand request. You can still access the on-demand features if you wish too.

Q: What's the difference between the Daily Plan and the Custom Plan?

A: The Daily Wellness Plan is our core subscription that covers a wide range of common disturbances. It is automatic and doesn't require any additional sessions or set up. The Custom Daily Plan requires a Quantum Body Scan session before purchase. This is so we can create a tailor made therapy specific to your needs. You can then run the custom therapy on demand once a day along side the automatic daily therapies included in the Daily Plan.

A: Can i cancel my subscription?

Q: Of course! Simply send us a email at to request a cancellation. Cancellations are actioned within 5 working days.

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