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quantum body scan

90 minute consultation (online or in person)

Are you stressed? Have you been feeling out of sorts and not 100% but the routine blood works say everything is fine, when instead you don't feel fine?


This new and advanced approach to holistic medicine uses a device to scan your body for potential imbalances. The result is a stream of personalised corrective frequencies that communicate with your DNA at a quantum level to activate, rebalance and harmonise your boy for optimal health

Find out what is causing your body stress with a Quantum Body Scan session from the comfort of your home. Includes an in depth personalised wellness protocol


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aurora borealis

bioenergetic field rebalance

A bioenergetic body treatment to rebalance your energy fields and dispel psychic oppression.

daily frequeny therapies

Personalised monthly  subscriptions to support you with daily healing frequencies.

The Aurora Academy

somatic release journey

The somatic release journey is a gentle physical release of layers of stress and tension stored in the body. 

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