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about the academy

The Aurora Academy is here to facilitate the next level of consciousness humanity operates in. The consciousness upgrade is here, are you ready to receive it?


With an eclectic background in psychology (BSc), research methods for psychology (MSc), ancient DNA bio-regenesis techniques (from pre Mahābhārata texts times), access consciousness and quantum biofeedback, I created The Aurora Academy to support your consciousness acceleration journey with a range of techniques that merge science with spirituality. 


I discovered energy healing and quantum technologies in 2015 and have since treated psychic attacks, insomnia, herpes, malnutrition, malabsorption, anaemia, anxiety, hormonal dysfunction and psychophysical trauma. 


Since creating The Aurora Academy, I dedicate my life entirely to the well-being and up-levelling of human consciousness. The Aurora Academy members have overcome stress, hypertension, addictions, anaemia, chronic fatigue, herpes, depression, problems with nutrient absorption and energy production of mitochondria, adrenal exhaustion, attention problems, mental health problems and hormonal imbalances.


The tools we offer are also particularly suited to protect individuals from psychic attacks, entity interference and providing daily aura cleansing aimed at repairing our biggest energetic organ. Yes, our biofield is our biggest energetic organ, informing all other organs/cells and systems in the body.


Together we can create more space in our minds and bodies, and open ourselves to limitless possibilities!

Photography Credit: Lisa Brester @returningtoessence

Linda Lo Curto

Linda Lo Curto
Aurora Academy founder

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