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new to the academy?

We recommend every new member to sign up with a Foundation Wellness Plan for the first three months, which includes an initial one to one consultation and Bioenergetic Body Scan with one of our accredited therapists. This can help us pin point any imbalances or disturbances in your body or energy field. We can then develop a personalised wellness protocol with lifestyle and diet recommendations and tailor customised on demand frequencies for you to run on yourself every day.


Each following month we can check to see how things are going and create new therapies to adapt to your specific needs at the time. We find it’s far more powerful to work dynamically with what is in front of us moment to moment, rather than a one size fits all approach.


We also offer one off consultations and body scans that can be booked as and when you feel it’s time for a check up, or as a way to jump start your journey to quantum health!


If you’re just looking for an extra boost of well-being in your life, you can also choose our Daily Wellness Plan that covers a wide range of common disturbances. Upon joining the service you will receive DAILY healing frequency therapies aimed at cleansing and rebalancing your energy fields, remove distortions caused by energetic pollution such as EMF, wifi, microwaves, entities, negative thoughts, other people’s energetic disturbances. 


The daily healing frequencies are included in all subscriptions. They are automated and happen every day, without needing to manually set them up. Each on demand custom therapy requires you to manually send an email for each therapy you wish to run. Once the email is received by our machine it will automatically begin sending you frequencies. Top tip - set up scheduled recurring emails in your email provider to automate your custom therapies!

ready to get started?

step 1:

Book your Quantum

Body Scan

Once you've set a time and date, our therapist will use a bioresonance machine to scan your body for mineral and vitamin deficiencies, as well as viruses, parasites, bacteria, mental disorders and anything else that causes stress to the body.

Using quantum biofeedback technologies, we are able to see where your body is out of balance and run frequencies during the session to bring it back into a more harmonious state.


step 2:

Receive your wellness protocol


Our therapist will then make notes of all the major deficiencies and toxicities and develop a personalised wellness protocol for you to integrate into your daily life. This may include supplements, dietary changes and lifestyle improvements to support you on your journey back to quantum health!

step 3:

Sign up for daily therapies


Additional daily frequency therapies based on your therapists recommendations can be purchased on a monthly subscription bases to further support the changes. Simply send us an email anytime, day or night, with the name of the therapy you want to run. Our machine will automatically start the therapy and send you back an email reporting how long the session lasted and which specific frequencies were included.



body scan

A bioenergetic body scan performed remotely with an in-depth personalised wellness package 

daily frequency therapies

Personalised monthly  subscriptions to support you with daily healing frequencies.

somatic release journey

The somatic release journey is a gentle physical release of layers of stress and tension stored in the body. 

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