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Feeling stuck? You might be under a spell. How to understand spells & use them to your advantage.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Do you ever feel like there are invisible barriers holding you back from living life to the fullest? Are you repeating the same patterns over and over and over again? Have you noticed that your thoughts and decisions sometimes feel like they are not entirely your own? You are not alone. Renowned New York Times bestselling author, speaker and medical intuitive Caroline Myss sheds light on the concept of spells – the subtle influences that shape our lives without us even realising it.

So, what is a spell?

Caroline Myss is an internationally renowned speaker in the field of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism. Her work on archetypes is contributing to the shift in consciousness humanity is going through during this 26,000 years Yuga cycle (what’s a yuga cycle? That’s for another post) and she describes a spell as a subtle and often unconscious influence or control exerted by individuals or external forces over someone's thoughts, emotions, and decision-making processes. These spells can significantly impact a person's life and behaviour without their awareness or consent.

We are surrounded by spells

Many consider spells a thing of the past, belonging to the realm of ancient witchcraft, but this is not the case at all. Our modern days are full of spells, the English language itself is full of spells (think of the word “spell-ing” = casting spells). We cast and perpetuate spells embedded in the English language, such as “bless = be less”, “understand” = standing under (being submitted to someone else) “good morning” = mourning.

The use of disempowering words is a spell because it impacts our behaviour without our knowledge. Words such as “I need” = I am in a position of lack vs “I choose” = I am empowered to choose, or “I try” = inaction. Try to open a door: it’s not really an action, you either open a door or not. Trying disguises defeat.

Spell casting is not limited to traditional magical or ritualistic practices but extends to everyday situations where people, knowingly or unknowingly, manipulate or control others. Switch on your television and allow yourself to be mesmerised, subtly brainwashed and put under a spell by it (also, “television = tell lie vision”).

These spells are characterised by their ability to restrict personal empowerment, create dependency, or induce fear. Caroline Myss reminds us that these spells can be cast by various individuals or entities, including family members, friends, authority figures, or even society at large. Spell-casters often use tactics such as warnings, negative experiences, references to others' opinions, and the creation of atmospheres that induce fear or gratitude to maintain their influence.

Have you ever been influenced and manipulated by other people? Then you have been under a spell, here is how to break free and use the knowledge to your advantage.

Here is the exciting part about all of this – you have the power to break free from these spells and reclaim control over your destiny!

Imagine a life where your decisions are truly yours, where you radiate positive energy, and where you are in tune with your own unique frequency, beating to the drum of your bliss. You can develop the skill of recognising when you have been manipulated and put under a spell and elegantly reclaim your sovereignty with conscious awareness and quantum protection. The following checklist will guide you through the process.

Break the Spell: Your Empowerment Checklist - to be done with conscious awareness.

With a generous sprinkle of mental flexibility, we can turn the corner and accept uncomfortable truths about our reality. When we find ourselves under a spell, it’s because our core beliefs allowed the manipulation to happen. In other words, spells can only hook onto weak spots in our belief system, hence providing precious information about those weak spots. It’s like a hacker testing the system and finding breaches, or an experienced rock climber finding hooks in places others wouldn’t normally look. These hooks are the metaphysical spots a spell latches onto us and holds on to us. Our weak spots create the hooks.

It requires a copious amount of conscious effort to recognise the specific point of vulnerability inside of us that created the opening for a spell to hook onto us. If we truly think about it, there are no victims, and there is nothing more disempowering than attributing the source of our suffering to someone else. When we blame our narcissistic mother or rapist cousin for our misery today, we are giving our power away (apply mental flexibility #here).

I can't emphasise this enough: victim consciousness throws us down a spiral of lack, passivity and inaction, perpetuating the status quo and denying our birthright of choosing our own path. When in doubt, say to yourself or even aloud “I choose to take ownership of all aspects of my reality”. This will ensure the power is back in your hands, not the hands of the perpetrator.

Grab pen and paper and go through this checklist with me to consciously break a spell.

  • Identify: Recognise the moments when you've felt controlled or influenced by external forces. Identify and write down a painful event in your life where you felt victim of someone else’s will without realising it. Start with the most recent episode, make sure to write it down by hand, with pen and paper, not typing on a computer. Our subconscious guides and directs our writing arm and the process engages several areas of the brain. When we type or tap, we only engage the lizard brain, which is not conducive of deep insight and creativity.

  • Empowerment through Awareness: Dive deep into your experiences and pinpoint exactly how the spell has impacted your behaviour and choices. Write down all the ways the spell has been controlling you. As you write down the events, focus on the vulnerability exploited by the spell caster, this vulnerability was already inside you, it was not planted there. This step requires much self-awareness. For example: I got tricked by a guru into paying him a lot of money to be told how to be enlightenedI granted the guru “oracle status” rather than relying on my own insight first and foremost because I have low self esteem.

  • Observe and Conquer: Understand the triggers that activate these influences and take charge of your vulnerabilities. Now that you unearthed the vulnerabilities (for example low self esteem) and the triggers (i.e an authoritarian voice sweeping away your judgement), use that to your advantage. The next time you encounter the trigger, you now know what the fallback pattern would be and can make and practise a different choice, this will put you in charge (not your vulnerability) and will break the spell.

  • Unleash Your True Self: Break free from the chains of power plays and envision yourself empowered, confident, and unstoppable. Write this down. For example: envision yourself as self confident, shifting from external validation to self assurance. Be thankful for the opportunity to see your vulnerability and the chance to rise above it. Wow, what a ride!

  • Elevate Your Journey with Remote Frequency Healing. Picture this: as you embark on your quest of self-awareness, you are bound to be vulnerable and raw whilst you change, this can open you up to more spells to come into your influence. You can ward those off by cleansing your energy fields daily. As you embark on this journey of empowerment, consider taking an extra step to amplify your results by supporting yourself with remote frequency healing.

  • Embrace Positive Change: Realise that breaking spells isn't just about dispelling negativity. There are also positive influences like hope (yes hope is a type of spell) that can flourish and transform your life. Be committed to consciously watch out for the patterns that made you vulnerable to the spell in the first place.

You might be thinking: “this list is awesome, can you also give me a real example of what it feels like to be under a spell”?

Sure, here is a little context about me and a real life example of going through the process of breaking a spell.

I created The Aurora Academy because I have been sensitive to energy since I can remember. I experienced psychic attacks growing up and I did not have any support available besides my teddy bear. People saw me as strange, aloof and annoyingly sensitive. They used to call me “princess and the pea” for how sensitive I was to even subtle changes in the “vibe” in the environment. I have been working on protecting myself all my life and now I have a reliable system to keep my psychic space clean, thank God!

I had a deeply traumatic experience with spells, hexes actually (a type of very dark spell) and this is how I went about it.

Under a spell - my personal story.

I used to idolise one of my teachers and saw her as a Mother figure. I craved approval from her, I would take in anything she said, I looked for validation externally through her rather than building my own self. This left me vulnerable and open to spells.

She turned out to be a very skilled manipulator (like many gurus these days) and as I allowed her to use me, I got 2 hexes out of it as a souvenir. Hexes aren't fun, they are very dark spells as they come from a place of deep hurt and disconnection from God. I worked on them on my own without enough energetic protection (gosh I was soooo naive) and I ended up purging (yes, vomiting) for 3 days in a row, I couldn't even hold water in my body as I endured energetic cholera.

From the necessity to protect myself, I launched my daily frequency healing service and I have been containing the hexes' effects with daily cleansing and influx of energy to keep my life force up to a good degree.

Containing the effects with daily cleansing turned out to be a good strategy, as it allowed me to build enough psychic strength to stick my head out of the hexes' mud and find a new empowering perspective on the events.

A year later, using this checklist, I consciously sat down and identified my vulnerability of craving approval. I became aware of all the times I allowed this woman to use me, I took charge of my vulnerability by building inner strength and I broke free from the spell with conscious awareness and ownership of my vulnerabilities. Big win!

Ultimately, if it wasn't for those 2 hexes, I would have spent a whole lifetime learning to let go of self doubt and external validation, forego a full plunge into my intuition and trust my inner compass.

The hexes lost their grip on me because the vulnerability was no longer there, the energies that belonged to me returned to me and what belonged to my teacher returned to her. After all this happened, I was told she fell sick, got evicted from her house, lost her clients and suddenly gained weight. Gosh! We get back what we put out in the world, so think twice before wishing someone harm – a spell-casting technique. Sometimes we are so far off from the light that all we have at our disposal is guilt, shame, jealousy and anger. When this happens it's best to pause thought, because nothing edible can come out of the seeds of guilt/shame/jealousy/anger. If we succumb to these lower states, like my teacher, soon or later we will taste the consequences of those choices.

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Daily Energy Hygiene

Just as we cleanse our physical bodies regularly, it's equally important to maintain the cleanliness and balance of our energy bodies.

Our energy bodies can become "dirty" or clouded due to various factors, including negative thoughts, external energetic influences, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), psychic disturbances, and exposure to harmful substances. To address this, the Remote Daily Frequency Healing service offers a solution. This service automatically connects with your energy fields every day, cleansing each layer of your energy body. It operates on a 24-hour cycle, ensuring daily energetic maintenance. Additionally, you have the option to request extra cleansing on demand by simply sending an email. Wanna know if this is for you? Book a free consultation here.

Self care for your energy fields

This daily energy healing ritual serves as a form of self-care and transformation, providing guidance toward harmony, empowerment, and clarity. It facilitates a shift in your energy patterns and supports your physical well-being. By subscribing to this service, individuals can break spells, restore the natural flow of their energy, and open up new possibilities for personal growth and vitality. It's an opportunity to embark on a journey to empowerment and a more vibrant life.

Do you interface with people? They can affect you too

If you are a business consultant, customer service representative, reiki practitioner, yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, or in any other line of work involving interacting with people and energy work, it is especially important for you to stick to a daily energy cleansing practice. By touching and/or interfacing with people all day, we share our energy fields and can be subtly influenced by other people and by their “energy baggage”. If you are an energy worker, you know how important it is to cleanse after each session. Now imagine a service providing daily protection automatically!

Imagine receiving these powerful healing frequencies daily – a ritual of self-care and transformation. It's like having an energy coach at your fingertips, guiding you toward harmony, empowerment, and clarity whilst you go about your day.

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if you choose to learn more about magic, please remember this: magic is like physics, you can use it to make the world a better place or to make a nuclear bomb. The choice is yours.

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Break a spell in the fire of awareness

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