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private plans for awesome people

We've set up this hidden page just for you guys! If you've been referred here by Linda or another of our lovely therapists, please find the plan bellow that has been recommended for you.

  • terapia giornaliera

    Every month
    • daily wellness plan

      Every month
      (can be purchased without any other booking requirements)
      • One daily core wellness therapy
    • custom daily plan

      Every month
      (requires a body scan consultation)
      • One daily core wellness therapy
      • One customised on demand therapy
    • Most Popular

      foundation plan

      Every month
      Monthly consultation and body scan + 8 customised therapies
      Valid for 3 months
      • Initial Consultation + body scan
      • Monthly follow up scans
      • Personalised wellness protocol
      • Daily core wellness therapy
      • +8 on demand customised therapies per day
    • promotion scan

      quantum body scan for those who attended live events
      Valid for one month
      • custom programme


    body scan

    A bioenergetic body scan performed remotely with an in-depth personalised wellness package 

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    somatic release journey

    The somatic release journey is a gentle physical release of layers of stress and tension stored in the body. 

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