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When Pain Becomes Pleasure

Aka when "ouch ouch" turns into "yum yum"!

Is Pain good? Is it a teacher?

When we experience pain, the central nervous system releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers and induce feelings of euphoria.

Pain also triggers the release of anandamide, known as the "bliss chemical," which binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, reducing pain signals and inducing a warm, fuzzy pleasure similar to that of marijuana.

The link between pain and pleasure extends to various aspects of human life, including sexual experiences. Studies have revealed that brain areas associated with pain are activated during sexual stimulation, suggesting a fundamental connection between pain and orgasm pathways. Did you know that pain-relieving medications like paracetamol can influence emotions and even diminish feelings of pleasure??? This is a whole new level reason to NOT like pain killers, they numb you! A much better way to address pain is with PEMF therapy, check out my other post on it here.

Hands on experience of pain.

Today, during a Biohacking event at Todo Bien Cafe in Tulum, I had the unique opportunity to explore the connection between pain and pleasure. The event involved standing on nails.

I discovered that my quantum frequency techniques allowed me to approach the experience in a different way, because I developed the ability to enter a meditative state more easily. How? with daily brain entrainment, rebalancing my brain waves daily. Remotely.

As I stood on the nails, I discovered that leaning into the pain instead of resisting it actually helped the discomfort subside faster. What happens when you lean the pain? YOU GET FREE OF PAIN! Leaning into what was hurting me and embracing it, allowed me to overcome it and dissipate it.

I discovered that I was able to endure two rounds of standing on the nails for one minute each with relative ease!

After stepping off the nail plates, I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and calm. It felt as though my entire body had undergone a reset. I attribute this newfound state of relaxation to my ability to "lean into" the pain rather than fight against it.

This hands-on experience served as a reminder of the fascinating relationship between pain and pleasure. By embracing the discomfort and utilising the techniques I've learned through frequency therapy, I was able to navigate the experience with greater ease and ultimately achieve a state of deep relaxation. It highlighted the power of the mind-body connection and the potential for personal growth and transformation through the exploration of pain and pleasure.

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